Capital Metro Transportation Lessons

Pages from CapMetro Lesson 1 Using CapMetro Maps

Today we're releasing a special set of lessons. Thanks to a grant from the Transit Empowerment Fund and Capital Metro, the Austin area's public transit provider.

The English Forward team has created a set of 4 lessons on how to use the CapMetro Transit System and the CapMetro App. Our goal is for these lessons to be used to help students more effectively use the local transit system to travel around central Texas to school, work, training, or anywhere else they might need to go! We have also created a set of 3 lessons for ABE/GED students on the same topics. 

Click here to be taken to the lessons!  

NOTE: These lessons are open to the public and can be used by anyone in central Texas to teach about the CapMetro System and CapMetro App. If you reside outside of central Texas, you are welcome to take these lessons and adapt them however you see fit to teach your learners about your local public transit system. 

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