Supporting Students in the Current Political Climate

       In light of immigration policies and rhetoric this year, we have heard extensive conversation among our English Forward partners about how to best serve and support clients in this context.  Here at the Literacy Coalition of Central TX (English Forward's home base), one early step we took was to articulate our values to our clients and community via our Position Statement
       Our deeply held values influence every aspect of our relationship with our clients. Specifically as ESL service providers, these values have shaped the English Forward curriculum and instructor training model. English Forward's resources help to empower students to advocate for themselves by navigating the English language and cultural landscapes within the US. Our teaching model aims to promote a class setting in which students' voices are given primacy, and their goals, strengths, and needs shape the class in an integral way.   
       What are some ways you've sought to empower your students in the classroom? What are some classroom resources that have helped you do so? Thanks for sharing!

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