English Forward recently released a five-part webinar on Adapting English Forward to One-to-One Settings. A brief description of each module is below. 


Introduction to the Series  

This module orients you to the process of completing the webinar series and each of the major sections.


Module 1 - What Works in Adult ESL

This module provides an overview of one-to-one tutoring, practical ideas based on research, and how the English Forward Lesson Flow and group activities can be used in one-to-one settings.


Module 2 - Comprehensible Input: Speak So Your Students Understand

This module provides background information on Comprehensible Input and practical strategies and information for instructors on how to make their input comprehensible for learners in one-to-one contexts.


Module 3 - Understanding Culture, Understanding Students

Module 3 discusses stereotypes and cultural adaptation, and provides instructors with suggestions on how to deal with sensitive cultural issues.


Module 4 - New to Literacy: Learning to Read and Write for the First Time

Module 4 provides instructors with the information they need to identify the characteristics of ESL Literacy Students, to understand Literacy, and tips for tutors teaching ESL students with low-literacy levels.


Module 5 - Alternative Assessment: Knowing What Your Students Know

The final module provides information for instructors on standardized and alternative assessments. Instructors are walked through the process of finding the right assessment for their purpose, and are given practical tips for alternative assessments they can use with their students.