The Psychology of Thinking Versus Doing

We wanted to end 2016 by sharing a podcast with you all about the importance of taking the time to think, and thinking versus doing. The episode “The Psychology of Thinking Versus Doing” is from the podcast “Two Guys on Your Head”, which is produced here in Austin at the University of Texas. We thought this would be good to share because we, as instructors, need to make sure that we give our students the time to think before they do in class. If we want students to be able to engage with the language and use it well, we need to give them time to process before we can expect them to perform.

You may remember from the instructor training that an important part of the lesson flow and the principles is making sure that students have the time to process the language and think (Step 4) before we expect them to do something with it (Steps 5 & 6). Take this opportunity to reflect on how you give students the chance to think before you ask them to do, and how you might be able to further develop your ability (and your students’!) to provide the right space to think before you act.

Click here to access the episode. It’s less than 8 minutes long, so it shouldn’t take up much of your day. 

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