Introducing the English Forward Intermediate Curriculum

 1.Int Curr CoverEnglish Forward is proud to introduce our new Intermediate Curriculum! Thanks to the insightful and skilled contributions from English Forward instructors across the country, there are six units of lessons that are sure to be engaging and relevant for your students. In response to requests from many of you, our partners, in this collection we’ve delved deeper into diverse fields of literacy that are necessary for students to thrive, such as financial and workplace literacy.

Unit 1, Survival Skills, includes lessons that have been adapted from the Beginning Curriculum, and addresses topics such as money, looking for a job, and looking for housing. It’s a fitting unit for short courses in which instructors need to cover essential topics over a brief amount of time.

Unit 2 addresses topics that are relevant to students’ daily lives, like introducing others in social situations, giving and receiving offers, and returning items when shopping.

In Unit 3, Finances and Common Agreements, students can learn language regarding financial literacy, including leases, utility bills, budgets, and credit cards.

Important language for health and healthcare is covered in Unit 4. Students will learn how to discuss information with their doctor, complete medical forms, and practice preventive care.

Workplace English is addressed in Unit 5. Students will explore job search skills, soft skills, workplace culture and safety.

In Unit 6, students will gain language to help them navigate education systems for themselves and their children, such as enrolling in school, and exploring continuing education opportunities such as college and vocational school.

Last, we’ve added a lesson on Becoming a US Citizen, which helps students learn about eligibility, the application process, and other pertinent details.

We hope the English Forward Intermediate Curriculum proves to be an effective resource for you to continue empowering your students. We welcome and appreciate your feedback—as you use this resource, please take some time to share with us about how it is working for you and your students. Thank you for all that you do for your students and your communities, and for your continuing partnership with us at English Forward!

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