Using Can Do Lists for Student Self Evaluation

CanDoList2How does your program assess student needs, goals, and progress? While there are a variety of formal assessments such as BEST PLUS and CASAS that provide key data on students’ language acquisition, programs often need to create or adapt their own methods for informal, ongoing assessment. Furthermore, it’s important that students have the opportunity for self-evaluation, to gauge how class content is meeting their needs and helping them attain their goals.

We’ve received feedback from English Forward partners that it’s often challenging to find capacity and resources for exploring students’ needs and progress. To help with this task, The English Forward team has created Can-Do lists for each lesson in the curriculum. Each list is customized to lessons’ target vocabulary and phrases, and they include photos to aid in students’ comprehension. Instructors can use them to get first-hand feedback from students about what they’re learning in class, and to help shape future class content. You can find them at the end of each lesson, under the “Curriculum” tab on the English Forward Portal.

What other student self-evaluation tools do you use? We value learning from partners about their favorite resources, so please email us with any suggestions. 

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