Bringing in the Real World - Guest Speakers

Extension Activity Int 1.2 Looking for Housing

English Forward is all about bringing the real world into the classroom to reflect how students need to use English in day-to-day life in the United States. This doesn’t have to stop with realia. If your students are interested in getting a High School Equivalency or accessing vocational training, bring someone from a local adult education or vocational training program in to talk about opportunities for your students to join in! If they want to learn more about banking, bring in a banker! While this does require some work to coordinate, bringing guest speakers into the classroom is a great way to help your students engage with their community. It might also be a good opportunity for your students to educate the guest speaker on their needs and interests, too!

Lesson 1.2 Looking for Housing in the Intermediate Curriculum is a great example of how a guest speaker can come in and provide a valuable experience for students. This lesson has you bring in a housing professional, such as a real estate agent, property manager, or landlord to discuss finding a home in your community. Many lessons in the English Forward Curriculum suggest bringing in guest speakers as Extension Activities, but don’t limit yourself to our suggestions! Bring in a guest speaker any time it can be helpful! 

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