Classroom Activities & Communicative Language Teaching

marketing man person communicationEnglish Forward emphasizes communication and interaction using the English language. English Forward lessons contain activities meant to provide the real world-context and authentic interaction that students need to be comfortable using English in everyday life, work, you name it!

When preparing for class, think about how your students interact and engage with the language and with each other. How does it reflect what they need to do with the language in real life? How can it be applied to work, school, home, or other places in their community where they need to use English to interact and communicate with others?

There are a lot of great resources available on Communicative Language Teaching. One great resource is the “Activities to Promote Interaction and Communication” Toolkit from the Center for Applied Linguistics. This toolkit provides a great overview of Communicative Language Teaching and several activities that you can bring into the classroom. Some of them may even look a little familiar if you’ve been able to spend some time teaching with the English Forward Curriculum!

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