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Teacher ConferencesA new school year is right around the corner! Is that a collective sigh we hear from parents? As families prepare to send their young ones to school, and your English learners prepare for fall classes, we’d like to share some lessons that promote language ability for your students to navigate these contexts.

Within the Timely Lessons section of the Portal, you’ll find a lesson on Teacher Conferences. In this lesson, your students can practice talking with teachers about their children’s goals, strengths, and needs. If you work with students who aren’t parents, this lesson is adaptable so that students can talk about their own goals, successes, and areas for growth in learning English.

Our new Intermediate Curriculum also includes a lesson on enrolling children in school, and another that walks adults through the process of enrolling themselves in school (from Unit 6: Education). These lessons cover the necessary paperwork, procedures, and conversations involved in these processes.

What other resources and conversations do you offer your students regarding their children’s and their own education? We hope you and your students have fall classes full of deep learning and community.

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