Utilizing Technology in the ESL Classroom

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Having technology as a resource in the classroom can be extremely beneficial to students (and teachers).  Although each classroom set up is different, and some technology may not be possible to use during class, there are nonetheless numerous resources and technology-related websites that you can use with your teaching.  Many resources are available for basic activity engagement, such as listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice.  Other resources range from activity planning guides to daily articles for reading to games that focus on language learning.  We have compiled a list of helpful websites and resources in the downloadable Word Document. Click here to access the Word document. Here are the resource categories:

English Forward Pro Resource List

    • Adult Education
    • Beginners
    • Games
    • General ESL
    • Grammar
    • Listening
    • Miscellaneous
    • Pronunciation
    • Reading
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing

Feel free to explore and use what you feel will be appropriate and useful for your classroom.  Keep in mind that a few resources and activities here and there will let you have more variety in your class and more options for you to choose from.   Plus, you can keep what works well for the future!

Remember, not all websites and resources will be relevant to your class and curriculum, but it’s good to know what is available in case you need an extra activity or want to mix things up a little with your classroom activities.  Also, if you have created your own amazing activities or have found interesting websites/resources, please share and help other teachers out!

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